Marie-Michèle Gagnon

Canadian World Cup Alpine ski racer

Made with Medalist

Patiently waiting for the next storm to go play in the backyard. Fresh air during this time does the mind and body good. What have you been doing during this quarantine? Cooking? Shows? Workouts? I wanna hear!

Absolutely delighted to ride our new @radpowerbikes ! These things go FAST up the hill! 🙌🏻 I can see us being able to go so many more places on our bikes that we never could after a long day of training. #radrover #ebike #radpowerbikes

❌ No complaints here ❌ 📷

Social distancing one pole length away from each other minimum. We are so lucky to call this our backyard. I hope everyone is doing all that’s necessary to stay safe and contain this virus. Thanks @ming.t.poon for the beautiful shots! 📷

Last travel for the season...headed home like so many. It was indeed an incredibly strange race season. I hope these measures will help us all to fight this pandemic. In the meantime, I will hide in my hood, drink lots of water, wash my hands profusely, avoid touching my mouth, eyes and make it home safely😬

Just so proud of you @federicabrignone 🤯 Holly Overall World Cup winner!!!!! 💣 ❤️AND GS overall too!! I’m actually kind of speechless about this huge huge accomplishment you’ve just achieved. This is the ultimate dream a skier can dream and you’ve done it😱😍 I have so many reasons to be proud of you: I love that you are always up to do anything fun and that you show the world that anyone can have both, success and pleasure. I love that you’ve been there to cheer us (HBC) up when we had tough days this winter amidst all your interviews and busy days. I love that you prioritize ice cream with the girls when racing in your hometown. I love that I have a true friend I can escape with to Milan and just laugh with the whole time. I love that you are the ultimate positive person, no days on skis are bad days! EVER I love that you and Davide are the best Spike Ball partners. I love that we share so many memories together over the years; vacations, races, wins, losses, dance parties, walks, runs, wine, gelato, spike ball games, gym training, social games...etc AND now let’s save one hell of a dance party to celebrate this one, because that was just insane! You rock and enjoy this amazing moment!

You’ll find me at the gym...Not doing chin ups yet, but soon! Hand is healing up well and so are my sore legs! 🤪👊🏻