Marie-Michèle Gagnon

Canadian World Cup Alpine ski racer

~Give me some flow ~ This photo was taken on the first chair ride of the morning. I was of course all hopeful! We have been training DH for a 4 day block and today I was sure that I could reach the next step. The first day was AMAZING, I pretty much improved every run and felt so excited that I was no longer uncomfortable on my DH skis like last season (post injury). I WANT to go fast and that’s refreshing. Then, day 2, sweet I close the gap between my time and the boys. Day 3-4: We now can compare our times with other girls. It’s sweet to have pace with us. The typical pattern for me happens, I start trying too hard : Trying to keep my toc everywhere despite losing the flow of the course, I’m moving a little more stiffly, trying to drive the ski impatiently. (and yes there is a fix!) I’ll get to the point of my story soon, I promise! I was just going to post this photo and pretend all is perfect, the typical Instagram posts you see all over. But I remembered my #AsSheIs challenge, so there you go... Of course, not everyday is amazing, the learning curve is not always upwards, but in the end when I reach the finish of a DH course, I ALWAYS have the biggest smile, because no matter what my time, downhill is so FUN!! A lot of people have asked me why I decided to stop doing slalom even though it was my “best-most consistent “ discipline. To me, the decision was so easy and final after spending the summer prepping for PyeongChang on the speed boards. I just freakin’ love the feeling of when I get to the bottom of the course and immediately have to do it again, but FASTER!! Anyhow, the point is: Give me some flow! When I find myself in this downward spiral of trying too hard, the only thing that works is to let it go. I have to pretty much stop thinking about anything I’m working on and just find the flow of the course. Sometimes that’s frustrating as an athlete because you think that the harder you work, the harder you try, you will be faster, but that is so far from the truth in our sport. Skiing is a skill sport. My best, fastest skiing is when I ski around 85% of my max power. So I guess that’s my 100%. Anyone else here with me on this?Tell me your stories

Crampé sur la scène...🤣 C’est facile de parler d’inspiration avec toute l’histoire du ski au Canada. Merci de m’avoir laisser partager mon expérience! Et maintenant, c’est l’heure de skier à nouveau. #gumsmile

Now the season feels officially started! So inspiring to have heard and seen a lot of the Alpine Canada history over the last 100 years. Les évènements de Toronto et Montréal se sont très bien déroulés! Merci à tout ceux qui font partis du monde du ski au Canada et de votre présence les derniers jours. Bonne saison à tous! Bravo à @jake1971 pour l’entraîneur de l’année, mon entraîneur depuis 11 ans 😱🤪 and lastly thanks to @solacedotcom for the wind tunnel data collection.

Au naturel. Unfiltered. Make up free. I decided to join the #AsSheIs campaign to help bring back perspective to Instagram. It’s easy to fall into the trap of watching everyone else’s perfect life on social media and never being fully satisfied with our own. This campaign is a great reminder for all of us to share not only the rainbows, but also the not so amazing moments. As an athlete trying to achieve success at the highest level, there are so many days of failure before eventually achieving a very special performance. For me that’s the unfiltered, the real. Show me your naturel, unfiltered self and I promise to do the same. I nominate @erinmielzynski and @federicabrignone to join the campaign. Let the words spread!

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Happy Halloween !! Je suis une nouvelle tante en ce jour, bienvenue Hubert ❤️🎃😺

Trying to get rid of the infamous jet lag, I’ll let you know if exercise helped : tomorrow at NOT 4:30am.🙏🏻 🤔

I’m pretty excited to announce this new @alpinestrength season maintenance program we’ve put together. Some of you already have your pre season training programs, but have asked to get a program you could use while at a ski camp or during your ski season. This is a compact program that includes core, movement, mobility, ski-specific, balance, basic recovery tips and my two favourites: a specific pre race workout (the day before) and a neural activation workout for after a day off. The length of the sessions is around 45 mins taking into account you were skiing the first half of the day. Check it out on our website. ** link in my bio 📷 from 2017- Lake Louise, Canada

In light of the new project launched by @rossignolwomen , I was asked to answer a few questions. So here we go!! 1- What place does sport occupy in your life? • I grew up in a family of 5 kids with two very energetic and sporty parents, sport has been the biggest part of my life since before I can remember. 2- Is there a woman who has inspired you and why? •Lots of women have inspired me all through my life, but as a young ski racer, I really liked how @juliamancuso was able to combine performing at a higher level in skiing and still be able to bloom outside of her sport through her other passions. I now nominate @brittanyphelan @valeriegrenier and @anna_goody to answers these questions too! It’s your turn!! #anotherbestday #rossignolwomen #werise #instachallenge

@rossignolwomen cares about women, they are launching a new project called #werise and I’m proud to support it. I have the chance to be surrounded on a daily basis by amazing, strong and self relient women. From athletes, to support staff, to our own team CEO, to former teammates making their mark in the world, this is a unique chance to celebrate all the bad ass women all around you too! Go follow @rossignolwomen to learn more about this initiative. #anotherbestday #rossignolwomen #werise

Summer dance is over, winter is coming! Off to do the last physical testing off the season and then Sölden 🤗 ⛷

Last joy ride on my bike in Downieville this weekend. I had great times on my @rockymountainbicycles Altitude🙏🏻 What should I get next? Send me recommendations for an enduro type bike!

Another great camp in the pocket for the @alpinecanada women’s crew! Thanks to all our coaches/staff for that hard work, the @frenchskiteam for the dual training, my teammates for being so damn fast and inspiring and of course @nevadosdechillan for the great venue! Oh for the volcano for not erupting lava, but just ashes!🤣 #thankful

Party wave right into “Aguas Calientes”! Top adventure at a ski camp for sure. Thanks for the great company!!

Practicing to ski fast in case the volcano erupts for real 🤪 You never know...🤷‍♀️

I can’t believe “Tahoe Boot Camp 2019 with the Gagnon-Ganong” is already over. I love you my dear crazy family!! 2020, who’s in? ❤️🌟

This reflects my life right now; in a perpetual state of season hopping: summer, winter, summer, winter... 📷