Marie-Michèle Gagnon

Canadian World Cup Alpine ski racer

The skiing life

No results this weekend.😔 DNF ✌🏻 Attitude is there, skiing is there, next chance Crans Montana. 🇨🇭 Both wins from @iamsofiagoggia and @laragutoffiicial were actually out of this world good! Thank you @stantonamarlberg for the beautiful slope and weather. I will have my revenge on your slope next time🤪 📷 @agencezoom

🚨 Race 🚨 St Anton weekend series starts tomorrow at 11:45am. 🇦🇹 I’ll be starting bib 29 again. 🇨🇦 📷 @agencezoom

Ready for you January ⛷

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Epic day of ski touring in the Dolomites! Thanks @wernerheel for being our tour guide!

*Impatiently* waiting for the speed races to start again. In the and dryland city 💪🏻 📷 @anna_goody

Exploring 🇮🇹 🇦🇹 on skis is the best Xmas present!

First top 10 in Downhill ! Great result, but most happy about the way I am attacking again, it’s been a while since I really let out the race horse. SG tomorrow to close up a perfect race series here in @valdisere ! Thanks team, back to small simple racing team🇨🇦 📷 @agencezoom @fmoser

Today was a tough race for all of us in @criteriumdelapremiereneige ... It was difficult to watch all these amazing skiers go down into the nets. Despite it all, I’m proud of my racing attitude and happy about my 18th place today. Thanks to my team for finding the right things to say for me to stick with the plan. Onwards to another chance tomorrow! 📷 @agencezoom @fmoser

Did you know that @coldfx is made by a proud Canadian company? It’s funny because I’ve been taking @coldfx for the better part of my career during cold and flu season and until recently, I didn’t even know they were local. 😬🤷‍♀️ Being an alpine ski racer, I often have to be on the road for months to compete and train for my sport. So you better be sure I stock up on my COLD-FX Extra Strength before heading out to Europe for the winter!! I feel good supporting local brands and it’s also like bringing a little piece of home with me. COLD-FX Extra Strength helps reduce the Frequency, Severity and Duration of cold and flu symptoms by Boosting the Immune System. *To be sure this product is right for you, always read and follow the label.

Been spending the last few days totally alone in a beautiful remote valley in Italy surrounded by meters of snow. It’s always weird at first to be in total silence with just your thoughts flying around. This time has given me an opportunity to reflect on all that I am thankful for. AND let me tell you, there is lots! Most of you don’t know this, but last March, I got a call from the Canadian ski team saying they most likely will have to cut the women’s speed team program due to lack of funds. For me, this news in a way was a test to see if I still wanted to keep ski racing. The alternative was to fundraise between 200-250k $ to have my own team including technician, coach and all of our expenses for travel and training. I was humbled by the incredible amount of work athletes like @larisayurkiw @ilkastuhec and many others before have had to do to keep racing and follow their dreams. It was never a question in my mind if I wanted to keep ski racing. I believe I have lots to accomplish still, the love was there and therefore, I started reaching out to people, teams and ex-athletes to help me. In the current situation with COVID-19, raising that kind of money truly would have been mad. SO, this brings me to the very very grateful part of this story. The board members of Alpine Canada and many more people behind the scenes worked miracles to save the women’s speed team that was once again under threat. I am incredibly thankful to all those people for standing up not only for me, but also for all the other women’s speed racers coming up the ladder in Canada. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ Secondly, all of us athletes on the Canadian team have had to pay much more significant team fees this season. I’m happy to share that I was able to raise the entirety of my team fees because of amazing people like Daniel Desjardins, Lionel Agoutin, Ghislain/J-P (PiedRéseau Bromont), Fondation de la relève, Tom/ Lindsay Mcconnon, Alain Auclair, Andrew Edgell, Melissa Ong, Claude Gendron, Julie Lemieux, Harry Lacasse, Tim Dattels, Mark Wiseman, Bruce Chapple and all the other board members! (Long list) Thank you, thank you 🙏🏻 ❤️💕

Of course, I’m extremely bummed that the race was cancelled today... still hoping for a miracle to get a race in tomorrow. After a few days not being able to ski much, this little powder ski activation felt just right! Stoked to try out my new Kore skis @head_ski and boots! 1 meter of snow and counting...😔

Tomorrow the speed tour kicks off in @st.moritzskiworldcup ! We have been getting a tons of snow, so fingers crossed that we get nice windows to race this weekend. I realize how fortunate we are to be able to continue racing with everything that’s going on in the world. Thanks to all the fans watching from home! I hope we can get you fired up for the winter 😊 #headrebels

Great couple of days in @sulden_solda ! The weather has been like this the entire time in Europe, insane! #headrebels

Enweeeye en bas⬇️ Doing some long turns tomorrow for Valerio who was our coach for one season. Such a great coach with a big heart, we will miss you 😢 RIP ❤️