Marie-Michèle Gagnon

Canadian World Cup Alpine ski racer

Spent the last couple of days in 🇨🇭🧀 Great vistas, people, food and most important of all great R&R. Thanks 🤗

👋🏼 San Pellegrino 💛 Starting bib 1 was not my favourite for SG today, but good practice regardless. My heart goes to @kajsalie @rosina_schnee who both had bad crashes today. Next stop—-> World Cup Finals 🇨🇭 📷 @physioski.qc

That moment right before kicking out of the start gate. The focus is so high. One more go at it tomorrow in the SG @skiworldcupvaldifassa It’s my first time starting #1 in SG, I’m pretty excited to lay down the first tracks on the course🤗🤪 Also, pretty happy to be consistently clocking in top 10s again ! 😬✌🏻☺️

Momentum is building 🤗 Today was my career best finish in downhill with a 7th place. Still hungry for more, and thankfully we get another chance tomorrow 💙☺️ Big shout out to my tech @dolinar.miha for making some of the fastest skis day in and day out! Also @head_rebels for the awesome equipment. Let’s go team 🇨🇦! @plankensteinerhansjorg @mannygamper @physioski.qc 📷 @agencezoom

The long weekend of racing in @skiareasanpellegrino starts tomorrow! ☀️ Le vent dans les voiles, où comme me dit ma famille, à fond dans caisse! 📷 @agencezoom

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Wait, this feels like Cortina all over again, sun top to bottom, beautiful Dolomite views and a perfect slope. San Pellegrino, so far so good!!! 📷 @physioski.qc

A little mid-season brush up on my GS to dial up the technique. Thanks to Riepen Ski lift in Antholz for the great and private training!🤗 💙 @dreamwater

Time to do a little strength work 💪🏻 📷 @anna_goody

Soul skiing with a side of belated Faschings celebration. 🍩 ☀️💙 Une journée d’aventure en ski pour moi et mon âme après le stress des championnats du monde. Très Comblée!! @obersonboutique @hellyhansen

Today’s Combi closes the World Championship chapter for me. I wish we had a less challenging surface for the slalom part to give you all a better show, but most people dig crashes and slip outs right?😬 @cortina2021 it has been a pleasure to ski your beautiful slopes and enjoy all your vistas. Next focus: Val Di Fassa 🇮🇹 📷 @agencezoom

Thankful for all the anti-rotation core training this summer...because otherwise I was going down at 135km/h. 😬 @nwardyuk @alpinestrength I wish this mistake didn’t happen on that day really, but all I can do is be happy that nothing bad happened. Congrats to @corinnesuter_official @kiraweidle @laragutoffiicial for the medals! Still got the Combi on Monday ☺️

Downhill race tomorrow! It’s such a joy to ski this perfect course in the sun in Cortina. Bib #16 @travisganong told me today that if he was to draw a fantasy ski area and mountain range, it would be this one. I agree 👌🏼 @cortina2021 you’re a skiers fantasy ❤️ 📷 @plankensteinerhansjorg

Top 6 in the SG today! It’s not the coveted medal, but for me it’s a strong solid result. More chances in the next days! So fun to watch @brodieseger almost take home a medal for Canada #4th and my man @travisganong ski into 8th. Also, can you take a hot sec to appreciate the views here in Cortina when it isn’t a blizzard out?! 🤗😊 Mama Mia! 🇮🇹 📷 @physioski.qc @lexinthemiddle @agencezoom

Inside the World Championships bubble with @head_rebels @fisalpine Please let us know what you’d like to see! Tomorrow should FINALLY be the official start of the worlds after some tough weather so far. I’ll be starting bib 12 and @valeriegrenier bib 28. Also, don’t miss the men’s race a little later, go 🇨🇦 go!

13 years today❤️❤️

Kicking it off with Combi tomorrow at the Worlds! Wish me some fast moving legs for the first part😊😜 Bib 16 for me and bib 18 for @valeriegrenier ! Go 🇨🇦 📷 @physioski.qc

Checking out San Pellegrino while we can! What a place! 📷 @physioski.qc


Today I was a little too gentle...12th, but now next stop World Champs in Cortina. Got to celebrate the podium with my team tonight back in our European base! Life is lässig 🤪🤗

WHO LET THE “UNDERDOGS” OUT?? After a 5 year hiatus away from the podium, I’m BACK baby!!!! And @kajsalie just took her very first podium of many more to come in her young career. So today was a day for the underdogs, I thank all of you who reached out and loved to watch the story unfold. Huge respect for the winner @laragutoffiicial who’s on absolute 🔥 across all the disciplines right now. AND today was a sweep from the #headrebels ! Thank you @head_ski for the support and amazing service. I have so many people to thank, so please bear with me. To my technician @dolinar.miha thank you for all the hard work, what you do is insane! @plankensteinerhansjorg I’m so lucky to have you as a coach, you are a positive force, a kind-hearted man and I can feel your belief in me everyday. You have helped me unleash my best self as a skier! @nwardyuk it has been an immense pleasure working with you on the physical training side. I’ve learned a ton and have never felt as ready as this year for the ski season. Thank you for your generosity and hard work! @anghagtahoe likewise, love your perspective on performance movements! @timdattels I thank you for literally saving the women’s speed team and for your counsel. You’re like my second dad, I’m so lucky to have your support. ALSO, I am so thankful for all of you who so generously helped me raise my massive team fees this year. That being : Daniel Desjardins, Lionel Agoutin, Ghislain Pouliot, J-P Chamberland, Fondation de la relève des Etchemins, @linzmcconnon @thomasmcconnon , @auclairab , @andrew.edgell , @mongcomo , @jlemieux777 Claude Gendron, Henry Lacasse and my headgear sponsor NovaSteel for the years together! My sponsors @obersonboutique @coldfx @dreamwater @girosnow It’s not even close to over. My amazing team @mannygamper @physioski.qc @fmoser @jake1971 @agazziluca74 @lexinthemiddle ,Laurent Praz @alessiotesta_osteopata and all of my teammates!! ❤️ My family, Travis’ family, my friends on the circuit, my awesome fans! THANK YOU!!

Garmisch 2021 ? Pick your scenario. Powder, ice rink, or that hero snow. I feel like I’ve been told all scenarios possible, so then let’s make this a game. What do you think?