Marie-Michèle Gagnon

Canadian World Cup Alpine ski racer

Skiing in the morning, sun tanning at the beach in the afternoon, hello California spring! ☀️

Vacation times means< ~~backcountry time~~>🏔 ❄️ We just can’t stop skiing I guess, anyone else has that problem?

Turning 30 seems like the most natural and easy thing to do now after spending the week with this amazing, spirited and hilarious group of girls (**and Travis!!🤣) My heart is so full of joy, I truly feel complete through these wonderful friendships! Cheers to all of you who made this week so eternally special! ❤️

Turning 30 seems like the most natural and easy thing to do now after spending the week with this amazing, spirited and hilarious group of girls (**and Travis!!🤣) My heart is so full of joy, I truly feel complete through these wonderful friendships! Cheers to all of you who made this week so eternally special! ❤️

Slalom camp with coach @anna_goody in @squawalpine the last days!! I’m making a comeback now that Combined races remain an event👊🏻 I forgot how fun slalom can be 😊❤️⛷

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La vie simple dans les refuges avec mon chéri, quel plaisir après une longue saison sur la route! Merci @montedouard !!

On explore le “backcountry” au Québec. Sur l’horaire Mont-Valin et Mont-Édouard ❤️ Suivez mes aventures bientôt sur le compte @obersonboutique

First win of the season, last race of the season. It’s never too late! Merci au @montedouard pour leur accueil chaleureux et une superbe piste de course.

World Cup season 2018-2019 has come to an end. I gotta say I’m pretty happy it’s over for now because I can’t wait to get more time training on snow, and fix what’s missing. Physically and mentally, I feel surprisingly fresh, but my skiing was just off at the end of the season. Sometimes, it’s really something so minimal that needs fixing and it can make a world of difference on paper. Some positive out of the season; I still managed to qualify for finals in 2 disciplines. I still qualified for A team for Canada. I am learning more than ever the intricacies of equipment set up and my own personal preferences. I actually had a blast travelling around with the team, taking time off in really cool places 🔝🔝. I finally found again that feeling I was looking for all season in Downhill, the feeling that is ever so addicting and makes you wanna push the boundaries of what’s possible and fast. I had THE best powder skiing of MY life in Russia! @valeriegrenier and I became travelling sisters with matching outfits and we had MANY MANY dance parties. I spent more time than ever with my buddy @federicabrignone 🔝🔝. My team is a joy to be around, the girls also all qualified for A team with everyone posting (or matching) a career best performance this season. I got to explore more of my spiritual side with @theunicornphysio . Meditation, yoga nidra, tarot cards, self care, confidence work and much more. My body feels great despite the injuries from last season. OK, so you get the point? This list can go on forever, because I CHOOSE to see the positive in every aspect of my life. First, I’m headed to Canadian National Champs in Mont-Édouard, Québec and THEN, I get to relax a little and “regroup” as my coaches really like to say!! Thanks for the support by all my amazing sponsors ; @rossignolracing @lange_boots #novasteel @Audi canada @girosnow @lululemon #RADgroup !!

Last race of the World Cup season tomorrow 👊🏻 #GS #bib17 🇨🇦 I just love racing here in Andorra, the snow and weather are absolutely perfect as always! So excited to see all those legends throwing it down one last time tomorrow, it’s a big retirement year for our tour. Much ❤️! 📷 @agencezoom #anotherbestday

A perfect little pit stop in Barcelona before heading up to the mountains of Andorra. World Cup Finals, here we come! Being from North America, when there is a 4 day break on the tour, it’s just not enough days or worth the energy to fly back home. Unlucky some might say, but I see it as an opportunity to discover new places and culture. Barcelona is such a wonderful city, it was summer warm and I could enjoy a mix of city venturing, some good quality training and some awesome beach/bike adventure.

Nap....or.....This 🔝🔝 ? 🤩🤔 We are having bad weather to get a speed series going here in Sochi, but there is always an upside to every story. I went up the chair with some Russian skiers today and they asked me to rate the mountain on a scale of 1-10. I give it a serious 9.5, this place is insane! Now, fingers crossed for the next two days of SG racing.

Trading sunny, spring like Crans Montana☀️ for this insane blower powder skiing in Sochi 🇷🇺 Life as a ski racer can be pretty sweet! On another note, I hope we get a chance to ski the hill this week, it is such a great venue. Thanks @aliweather_ @federicabrignone @theunicornphysio @davidebrignone for the fun day out today, now that was some soul skiing ❤️🤗

Getting out of the “groove” and finding “some” good feelings in downhill again after what felt like a stand still. Today was a small step in the right direction. It is a major step that I so desperately wanted to take since the beginning of this season. From here, I can build. In the end, I can’t say what really was the turning point that made me take that step. It could be the equipment tweak, the hit-rock-bottom freak out, the sunny conditions, the better start position, but in the end I know it was just TIME. Something just clicked, and I know it won’t be all uphill from here, but I feel a lightness in my step and an excitement for the chances ahead. This feeling of not only wanting, but NEEDING to push your limits is what got me to switch to the speed side. Now, I really remember why. Most importantly with this long a** post, I wanted to congratulate all the amazing girls on the podium today. First, OF COURSE, our little rebel @roniremme for her very first World Cup podium, insanity! Incredible performance in both runs. Also, @federicabrignone for clinging on 3 years in a row to the Combined win here in @worldcupcransmontana !! Lastly, @wendyholdener who’s been pin balling all over the map with a very full program of racing the last month and just keeping on crushing it. Also, thanks to @barthetannesophi for all the great laughs through the years! It was a pleasure to race with you, sending a big hug your way, since you like those so much 😊🤪🤩 📷 @agencezoom

A photo summary of the World Championships in @are2019 ! After having had a few days off and time to reflect, I can say I have finally let go of this feeling of failure that I carried with me. In the end, all of us, racers hope to have it all come together for this one big race series of the year. I’m not the first one to come into a World Champs with this hyper focused mind set, big dreams and extra motivation. I now look back at my time there and can’t believe I didn’t take the time to take photos of the first few days when the sun was shining so bright and we were living in a winter wonderland. For me, that’s a tell-tell that I was way in my own head and didn’t look around. Nevertheless, I am excited to get another go at it for the next month of racing, with a zig zag of venues, from Switzerland to Russia, to Czech Republic with the end in Andorra. I will do my very best to find the ideal balance where the skiing flows and the mind is at ease without trying too hard, or trying too little. Onwards—-> 🤩 📷 @agencezoom

The four pillars of immune health are - exercise, quality sleep, destress and enrichment. As professional athletes, all four of these are critical for us to perform. We cannot afford to get sick when we need to perform on a given day, like the Olympics or a World Championship. Our sport being outdoors is exposed to the elements on a daily basis. Just today, I trained GS, and had rain that turned into snow, some wind, some sun for a run; basically the whole ordeal within a couple hours time. It’s important for me to stay proactive against the cold and the flu during the winter. Therefore, as part of my daily routine, I use @coldfx .I really like that it’s a Natural Health Product that decreases the likelihood of me catching a cold or flu. What’s your COLD-FXer story? #COLDFXer #YOUseason

Got in one last big hug while @lindseyvonn wasn’t surrounded by a thousand fans. Lindsey you’ve been such an inspiration through my entire career. I arrived on the World Cup and you were dominant and you stayed there until the end. What a great finish today, big congrats on such an amazing career!! 🐐 #myhero

Here we go for the 11th anniversary of love ❤️ with @travisganong ! Pretty funny to look back at all the very similar things that happened to us this past year. First, we BOTH blew out our ACLs and missed the racing season. Then, we recovered well together and started skiing 5 days apart. We both had a binding malfunction at some point this season. Our best result of the season so far for both was a 6th place.(both working hard to improve that number!). And lastly, we will randomly wear matching outfits like the bib pants, but also couldn’t find a picture of our colour coordination that happens to be on point more often than not.( that part we aren’t usually so proud of...we tend not to immortilize those moments). We’ve had a lot more time together this past year cuz of our injury, and right in the midst of it, I swear I knew what he would say before he said it. Funny how in tune our lives have been lately. I hope this made you smile or laugh like it did for me 🤪🤣🥰