Marie-Michèle Gagnon

Canadian World Cup Alpine ski racer

Great couple of days in @sulden_solda ! The weather has been like this the entire time in Europe, insane! #headrebels

Enweeeye en bas⬇️ Doing some long turns tomorrow for Valerio who was our coach for one season. Such a great coach with a big heart, we will miss you 😢 RIP ❤️

Unreal speed camp here in @cerviniavalt ! Thank you for having our little 🇨🇦 group for the last 2 weeks. @valeriegrenier and I now sport our new team outfits aka topo map/camo combo pants by @hellyhansen . Also @sertorellihotel for the wonderful and safe hospitality! We ate so much good food that now we are ready for the speed tour properly. #foodbelly 📷 @fmoser

I’m proud to wear @levelgloves yet again this season. The tiger mitts definitely get me fired up. Anyone else got “The eye of the tiger” stuck in their head after looking at these? 🎸 🎵 🥊 #levelgloves #canada

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Kissing summer goodbye, let’s have the mountains covered with snow again so we can ⛷

Early November paddle on a glassy lake in a what??☀️ Going skiing soon❤️

Bonus race for me tomorrow! Wasn’t planning to race GS much this season, but I’m here in Europe, feeling why not?! I’ll be starting DFL #69 🤪 so please try to keep your TV on until the end🙏🏻😊 Here we go 2020-2021

@manny_ski THANK YOU for being such a great teammate for us all the last 16 years. Whenever I needed advice within our world of ski racing or just to shoot the shit, I knew I could count on you! You have influenced me often and mainly made me laugh a ton! :) Canada is lucky to have had you as a true team leader. You combined professionalism and fun like anyone I know! Thanks for setting the tone for the younger ones. The only problem I have with this retirement is that now you’re leaving ME as the oldest athlete on the team...god could you have considered that before?! I wish your virtual retirement party wasn’t smack in the middle of the night here in Europe. We will host another for all your fans in Europe right?! Merci Manny!! Much love ❤️

Escaping back into last weekend

Intensity ⬆️ Focus ⬆️ Sölden is in 8 days. ⛷💨 📷 @physioski.qc

Slight change of scenery for the weekend while the alps were getting dumped on. Thanks @lodovicoantinori for being such a great host ❤️ Can’t go home, but making the most out of it;) #travellingeurope

Toblerone 🍫 🏔 Fun to get to explore Zermatt as a tourist for the last few days! Our ski camp was very productive and the storm came just in time for some needed rest. Thanks @zermattbergbahnen for the wonderful training camp, we will meet again;) ⛷🇨🇭