Marie-Michèle Gagnon

Canadian World Cup Alpine ski racer

My thoughts are solely on today’s Alpine Combined event in PyeongChang. I was fully prepared to ski my best in this event and will now be watching it on my couch. Best of luck to all the girls racing it, it will be a nice show! #throwbacktosochi #olympics #2014 🇨🇦

Missing this post workout scene! Quebec is also wonderful and winter wonderland but that was also pretty nice eh?! #glassy

Moving up the food chain to the proprioception combined with strength! I’m ready for you month 3 and knee rotations, let’s gooo! Also, cheering hard on my teammates today in the SL, go 🇨🇦!!

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I cannot describe the words to express how much I miss standing at the top of a mountain, looking over the beautiful scenery about to drop down a sick course as fast as I possibly can. I am blessed to be regaining my health every day and always looking forward! One perks of being forced to sit out the Olympics is that I can thank my amazing sponsors without the rule 42. So to all of you who have supported me for so long, thank you with all my heart @rossignolracing #novasteel @pocsports @lange_boots @clifbar @sunshinevillage @audicanada #right2play #RADgroup #dattelsfam @lululemon

Sooo with the Olympics under way, I would like to announce that we, injured skiers of the World Cup, have gotten together to form the @skiersrehabgames ...we will have challenges like single leg squat toc, a cook off (since we’ve all had to become homey and eat some whole food to recovery fast), a pack of 50 autograph card speed signing, the quad set challenge (as many quad contraction in 1 min), a drawing challenge and the biggest pool splash. If you also want to try out our challenges, you’re more than welcome to join the games! Post on your Instagram and tag us at @skiersrehabgames ! I will obviously be representing 🇨🇦 Canada for the Rehab Games! Watch us all @ilkastuhec @elenacurtoni @travisganong @stefan_luitz @steven_nyman @felix_neureuther @mariatviberg @lollipirovano @gubosca @jacquelinewiles @alinullmeyer @margotbailet

Winter?? Just hung out at the beach all afternoon in our bathing suits...but won’t complain cuz it’s not like we could go skiing anyways!! Beautiful still lake 👌🏼

As the teams for both Canada and the USA have now been officially named for Pyeongchang, we will still be together during the Games, united with our injuries. I’m sure it will be tough to watch the Olympics from home, but we are so excited to watch all of our friends compete! Go @teamcanada and Travis says go @teamusa haha!!

That seems good enough for Pyeongchang, no? 🤔 In all seriousness, I’m pretty happy with how the rehab is going, lots of proprioception work the last few weeks in Calgary and my nervous system is kicking back more like it should and giving me back my coordination. I’m now doing leg press, bike sprints, balance on unstable surfaces (eyes closed) and many many more little exercises. I also managed to keep a minimal difference of 3% from the injured limb to the normal one. One goal in mind, back on those skis ASAP!

Took the #recognizeyourstars challenge to help out the Nick Zoricic foundation. The goal is to help make skiing safe for everyone! My two stars of the moment are my Doctor, Mark Heard and my mom! So grateful for all your help recently with my injuries. I’d like to nominate @brittanyphelan and @mikaelashiffrin to now take on the challenge;)

In partnership with @audicanada and @alpinecanada , you can watch the Kitzbühel DH live on the Alpine Canada website (link on the photo)! Are you ready to watch and cheer on our boys on the most iconic downhill of the World Cup tour?! It’s an early morning, but let me tell you it’s worth it! #audiquattro #streif