Marie-Michèle Gagnon

Canadian World Cup Alpine ski racer

Toblerone 🍫 🏔 Fun to get to explore Zermatt as a tourist for the last few days! Our ski camp was very productive and the storm came just in time for some needed rest. Thanks @zermattbergbahnen for the wonderful training camp, we will meet again;) ⛷🇨🇭

With the situation we are currently facing, it is difficult for skiers (and athletes from all sports) to adapt their training program without access to a gym and/or with difficulty to do in person mass group training like in the past (ski clubs). With that in mind, I’ve put together a new @alpinestrength program called “No Gym, No Problem” with inspirations from my own amazing trainers of the last decade like @nwardyuk @alejohervas @jordanstrength Jeremiah Barnet @jake1971 as well as from the courses I’ve taken lately such as Movement 101 by Kelly Starrett. The program is officially ready to go on our website (link in bio)! The program has 9 different workout options, including TRX circuit, Medicine ball circuit, speed/agility, hamstring circuit, cool down circuit, strength endurance, core/control, slack line circuit and lastly interval cardio training. Lots more info on the website! Have an awesome prep season, winter is coming!!! 📷 @anna_goody and logo design by @ameliasmart 😊

Woke up to some fresh September snow down in the village of Zermatt 🇨🇭! A few “hikers” out there didn’t know about hiking etiquette...see stories for more on that 😄

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Inhale, Exhale 🏔

Still going ⛷

Date night 🧀🇨🇭

Eat, ski, sleep🔁 📷 @physioski.qc

Found the beach in Zermatt! The straight snow melt was maybe a little too intense for our cold tub...🥶☀️ #aprèsski 📷 @travisganong

Days off in Lake Garda between camps! Italy is even more👌🏼 in the summer☀️😷💃🏻

Finally on the speed boards! 📷 @physioski.qc

Whichever peak you look at around here, there is a hut on top of it! Great food, friends and training! 🇦🇹

Different country, different mountains...but nature is home no matter where. 🇦🇹

If only you knew what went down in this match...🤭🤣

It was a successful first camp for our team in Stelvio. Luckily, so far, our protective measures have kept us all safe and able to work well within our “team bubble”. Now, it’s time for some R&R followed by a dry land camp! 3 weeks at 3000m got me like 😴

🇨🇦 Girl Squad ⛷

Genre...tu me niases? 🇨🇭 🤯🚵🏼‍♀️ Mind blown...

Skiing is vibing in Stelvio! So thankful for every day out there with my team🙌🏻 📹 @plankensteinerhansjorg

Team 🇨🇦 Hike to this beautiful snowmelt alpine lake. You can be sure we went in!! #aprèsski

Early mornings with spectacular sunrises will never get old💫 Today, in contrast, we were snowed in and didn’t get to go ski. It’s kind of cool to be stuck at the top of a mountain in a snow storm in the middle of summer though :) 📷 @erinmielzynski

Stayed up long enough to see this beauty last night! Made it past 8:50pm 😄🙏🏻 #earlystelviomornings