Marie-Michèle Gagnon

Canadian World Cup Alpine ski racer

Found a way to have a surprise 30th birthday party for this one today!! Thanks to everyone that could show up last minute and celebrate his 30 years of getting wiser, handsomer and smarter😬🤣😘 #gotcha

I’ve been wanting to visit @federicabrignone in Sardinia forever, and now, the timing finally worked out perfectly!! So awesome to have this great friend to share so many adventures together, on and off the hill ! P.s. everyone, it’s her birthday tomorrow, let’s send her some ❤️! And another secret, this place is simply paradise btw 😍

Absolutely perfect camp in Stelvio, couldn’t have asked for a better return to snow. Some slalom gates today as a last test on the knee and all is good! I can now happily go back to working out some more before our next camp to Zermatt, but first a few days of rest in Sardegna with @federicabrignone 🙌🏻🤗 #passostelvio

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Post Super G ✨So fun to go fast again on skis, especially on this perfect corduroy summer snow!

Where the sunset is powerful - Stelvio -3200m

Progressed to a stubbie course on GS skis today, but nevertheless it was a course!! Knee is still doing really well with more runs, and some soft snow/bumps at the end of the day. Feeling pretty grateful to be up here doing what I love and thriving to get better every day! #passostelviosifas

HAPPY CANADA DAY 🇨🇦 What a wonderful and proud country to be a part of!

THAT’S IT! The final stretch of the waiting game is over, I’m all packed (which took me so much longer than usual 😅) and ready to take off for Italy tomorrow morning. ⛷ SKI TIME!!! It’s been both a wonderful and a gruesome rehab. I’ve worked my butt off like never before to rehab both my knee and my shoulder, logging in gym hours like never before, getting a lot of testing done to ensure I have proper movement patterns, physio-ing on a daily basis and much more...but now I’m ready! During my rehab, I was lucky to be able to travel a bit, discover some really sick hot spring healing waters 🔝all around California, spend a little more time in my home, get my personal trainer certification, perfected the Açai bowls, do some work on Alpine Strength for next season and of course, through it all trained really hard. So now next chapter: Full time Ski Racer and Freakin’ Stoked!!

Taking in the last Tahoe days before heading out to ski!! A few more days of good training, summer livin’ and then I will put my race boots for the first time in 7 months 🤩📷 @emeliewikstroem

So cool to watch Nick and Megan get hitched this weekend! China Peak area is so beautiful and we loved discovering a new spot in California at the same time !

Happy International Yoga Day !! And happy summer at the same time!! I’ve started doing yoga about 10 years ago when I made the National team. You see I’m the intense, let’s do a million things at once type of person. Yoga has taught me to find my center, to reconnect and listen to my body through breathing and flowy movements. I remember thinking yoga is probably only for really flexible people and being a little intimidated to go to classes. I realized pretty quickly that the practice is for anyone and everyone, and that there were other tight hips in the class 😊 Recently, I’ve also taken up doing to meditating in the morning. I got injured in December and missed out on a pretty important season (the Olympics). Meditating in the morning was a means to put things in perspective each day before starting the 6 hour mindless grind of rehab work. I felt good and serene after, like a reset button! The point of today is for you to realize that yoga is for anyone, no matter your background, body type and so on. @lululemon goes beyond and above being a clothing company, they wanna help shape your life for the better and I’m so proud to be one of their brand ambassador!

Exploring Mt.Robson area last weekend was epic. The flowers were out and the peak was as magnificent as ever! Gotta get back to do the Berg Lake backpacking loop some day!

About last weekend....I love 🇨🇦. That’s it !

6 months post operation now!!!! I got cleared for SKIING from the doctor 🙌🏻😜Now, I will still wait a month to join my team in our first ski camp in Stelvio, Italy. In the meantime, my greatest focus is POWER. I want to be the strongest possible for the summer training camps coming up. Here’s a little peak at my latest progress with a single leg hop from lunge position. 🎥 @alejohervas #feedyouradventure @rossignolracing @lange_boots @audicanada @clifbar @lululemon @sunshinevillage #right2play #novasteel