Marie-Michèle Gagnon

World Cup Alpine racer from Canada

We NEVER have fun, it's really too bad!!😝 Notice our strongest pillar @ilkastuhec there, whoop whoop!! Thanks for joining our Combined Team today👊🏻

It's SPANDEX time again! Very nice and relaxing break at home, now I'm ready to start prepping for next season. 📷 @agencezoom

Unbeatable bachelorette party this weekend to celebrate Anna get married!!! Amazing crew, ski days and fun times! Thanks @anna_goody 😘😘

Rest time is going real well! Lots of yoga, backcountry skiing and SLEEP!! Beach days are also wonderful, though slightly chillier than usual!

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Summited Rubicon Peak in great company today! Thanks Travis, Ali, Mora, Jason, Grant, Bones, Rob!! Got about 30 turns of the most amazing powder in the steep trees before the snow got a little sticky. Overall great tour👊🏻🎿😊

Equipment check for spring ski touring, perfect first tour with a view! My @lange_boots definitely passed the test, now I can ski steeper stuff without almost killing myself👌🏼

🚁⛷🇨🇦! Thanks to Solace for the awesome day! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

C'est frisquet au Québec! 😮 Petit choc climatique après le +20•c du Colorado et de la Californie, mais super conditions au Mont-Tremblant pour les Championnats Canadiens! Gros merci à la station et tous les bénévoles pour le super évènements à date. De mon côté, j'ai sorti en GS aujourd'hui...disons que tight-tight dans les traverses ne fonctionnent pas toujours, ouff....#latêtedanslesnuages #slalommardi

When the fashion stars align in Aspen, Colorado and you get to meet the #authier designer/owner Lee Keating, owner Gustavo Sangiorgi and @snowmagazine 's Editor Barbara Sanders...AND you get the most fabulous ski outfit !! Thanks so much, so proud to be wearing this beautiful gear!! @performanceski 😘

When you get on the chair in pitch black and see it all become alive around you! Last slalom of the World Cup season tomorrow, go time!

On the other side of the fences and B-nets today to cheer on @travisganong !! It was fun to scream our heads off in the stands wearing gigantic Travis heads (nice one @cliffbarcompany !). Though I'm still keen to stay a part of the show; inside the fences for a little while longer. Still loving it ; the thrill, the goals, the dreams, the hard work, the good and bad days, and mainly all the awesome people I get to meet and work with. It's all about the journey, and it's a good one✌🏻#teamganong #nieceaudra

Must I really leave this? #petitparadis #favouritebeach ..….....................................................................Dois-je vraiment quitter ce paradis? Aspen, Colorado- Mont-Tremblant, Québec- Whistler, BC- Je ne me plains pas non plus! À bientôt 👋!

Tahoe Tour Guide for the day with this 🇦🇹🇨🇦 awesome crew! Experienced the paradox between Tahoe nature and the bright lights of Reno, the biggest little city in the world! And now off to Aspen for 2 more World Cup races for me, 2 more chances to show my best skiing! Let's go!!✌🏻

This view was VERY relaxing and just on point for my warm-up before first run! I loved racing in Squaw Valley today, so so nice to feel at home and not feel pressure because not many people know me just yet! I'm so lucky to spend some quality time in this place! #14th #GS #california 📷 @srob3

It's race time again tomorrow! I start number 11! Kind of excited and nervous to ski the monster pitch here in Squaw Valley. Will be needing lots of love from the crowd to fight all the way down, through acid lactate build up and high altitude breathing! Ah, so glamorous!!! I'm in love with the Tahoe community, everyone is so nice and fired up about the race and you can feel it!