Marie-Michèle Gagnon

Canadian World Cup Alpine ski racer


Most people call me Mitch, it’s easier to learn than Marie-Michèle and I’ve always liked that it represents my tom-boy side!

 I’m from a little town called Lac-Etchemin in Québec, the french part of Canada. Now, I am based in Lake Tahoe, California when I’m not off skiing somewhere in the world. 

I’ve been racing on the World Cup circuit for almost 10 years now. I represented Canada in the 2010 Vancouver and 2014 Sochi Winter Games. So far in my World Cup career, I've stood on the podium four times with two of those ON TOP! I race all the disciplines, with a bigger emphasis on Slalom and Alpine Combined. I have placed in the top 10 on the World Cup over 50 times thus far!

People would describe me as energetic, perseverant, optimist and with a high dose of intensity (haha!)…

 I’m a big fan of the outdoors, splitting my time between mountain biking, ski touring, paddle boarding, surfing, hiking…really anything goes! 

One of the many perks of being an athlete in my sport is the travelling bit. We go all around the world to find snow and therefore get to see all these amazing places. My goal is to share with you the places I get to visit, the ups and downs of my career, my love for nature and my sport! 


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